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Automechanika 2016









World Premiere
CAPELEC is proud to introduce a combustion and engine treatment diagnosis :  CAP3500POLLUDIAG.
CAP3500POLLUDIAG is using an intuitive and user-friendly software interface. A few minutes of measurement procedure allow an exhaust emission diagnosis. A detailed and synthesized report before and after engine treatment is generated for analysis and customer understanding.
NEW FEATURES, NEW SERVICES, NEW CUSTOMERS, CAPELEC takes a step forward emission diagnosis with the CAP3500 POLLUdiag
CAP3500POLLUDIAG is an innovative combustion and post-engine-treatment diagnosis station complying to the needs of any workshop expert :
- How to assess a succesfull engine cleaning & treatment ?
- How to edit an analytical « Before and after » report ?
- How to store vehicle data and specifications ?
- How to explain to the vehicle owners ?
CAP3500POLLUDIAG is operating for Diesel, Petrol, GNV or LPG engines.
Ergonomics and nice looking, the CAP3500POLLUDIAG series is offering the complete range of CAPELEC advantages: customized software, IR temperature probe, remote control, wireless connection, MID certificates, adapted regulation and test procedure … …


Come and discover its advanced features on the occasion of the Automechanika International Fair helds in Frankfurt,
booth E16, Hall 8.

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Automechanika 2016
CAPELEC Monptellier, main office

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