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Innovation & regulation

As maajor player in the supply of technical inspection (PTI) equipment, Capelec remains at the forefront of regulation and technical innovation.

The new generations of technical inspection equipment benefit from a secure connection, an innovative interface (touch screen, remote control, ergonomic software) and a modular design facilitating updates and technological innovation.

Pollution control equipment

Emission inspection

Gas analysers and opacimeters used in most vehicle inspection, guarantee fast and reliable exhaust emissions measurement and data transmission.

Combined unit, gas analyser and opacimeter

Gas analyser


Tachometers (RPM)


Emission tester range
headlamp testing

Lighting inspection

CCD camera electronic headlamps testers are compatible with new lighting technologies. They offer accuracy and advanced features for inspection and adjustment.

Mechanical Headlamp beam tester

Electronic headlamp beam setter

Full automatic headlamp beam tester

Headlamp beam testers range
Capelec ground connections

Brake testers

Brake testers are suitable for most civil engineering frames. They are robust and easy to use (remote control and large touch screen). They are equipped with an ergonomic and optimised PTI procedure software.

Multi features testers

Brake testers

Suspension testers

Side slip testers


Play detectors

Brake testers range


The quality system is both demanding (ISO 9001) and efficient. An end-of-line verification system checks and validates the process.


Close to the users, the network of qualified service providers ensures preventive and daily maintenance. If necessary, it is supported by the team of hotliner experts.

HGV brake tester Capelec PTI center Capelec suspension and side slip testers Capelec PTI test lanes Capelec Brake testers Capelec

Complete test lane

Capelec produces inspection lines fully equipped : gas analyzer and smokemeter, EOBD reader, tachometer, brake, suspension and side slip testers, and headlight tester.

PTI full test lane


CAP3600 exhaust station


We assist you in your project

Do you have a project to operate a vehicle inspection center or a repair shop ? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will assist you in your project set up.

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HGV measurement and inspection
HGV measurement and inspection


LV measurement and inspection
LV measurement and inspection




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