Combustion analysis Expert 
Diesel, Petrol and GLP


Developed for garages and workshops, the CAP3600 WORKSHOP gas emission control station facilitates control, analysis and interpretation of the combustion and the compliance of gasoline and diesel internal combustion . It combines the functions of gas analyser and expert opacimeter.
Implementation in less than 7 minutes
Three modes: before/after diagnosis, roadworthiness test, free measurement

NFR10025-2016 approved equipment
Exhaust measurement combined with EOBD data feedback
Detailed report of the measure

Features and functions
Opacity measurement modules and 5-gas analyzer
EOBD module connected
RPM module connected (for non EOBD vehicles)


Engines: FUEL
Standards: OIML R99 Class 0, ISO 3930 and BAR97
Dual mode: diagnosis and inspection
Measurement of concentrations of: Hydrocarbon (HC), Carbon monoxide (CO), and Carbon dioxide (CO2)
O2 Sensor Management
Management of NOx sensors
Preheating: < 9 minutes at 0°C (1 minute minimum) for optimal performance
Response time: < 5 seconds for Co, Co2, HC
Operating temperature : -10°C to 55 °C 
Storage temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Humidity: 0 to 95% relative humidity
Atmospheric pressure: 750 mBar to 1150 mBar
HC | Normal resolution: 0 to 2000ppm | High resolution: Propane 2001 to 20000ppm Propane
CO 0 to 5% CO
CO2 0 to 20% CO2
O2 0 to 25%.
NOx 0 to 5000 ppm
Turn counter 0 to 9999 rpm
Oil temperature 0 to 150°C
CO correction: 0 to 10% CO correction
Lambda coefficient: 0 to 9.99


Diesel engines
Transportable measuring cell
Wireless connectivity (Bluetooth module CAP1221)
Measurement of exhaust gas opacity
Zero automatic
No calibration
Lightweight and robust


Exhaust gas analyser
Reports: expert or simplified
Assistance in the diagnosis of failure of emission control devices and the overall evaluation of combustion
Checking the filling and combustion data
Analysis of engine components: EGR valve, PF, turbo, catalyst, sensors 02
Data backup: vehicle and results

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